Month: May 2019

Cleaning By Professionals

Construction Cleaning By Professionals

Our expert company in cleaning services for professionals supports you while responding to environmental and social requirements with the adaptation of environmentally friendly products with the valuation of a particular sorting system, as well as specific training in staff.

Our seasoned team offers high-quality services on several criteria such as presentation, quality, behavior, commitment, quality control, and punctuality. We make a point of honor to enforce its instructions by our staff to provide you with a quality service and maintain a constructive relationship with our customers.

End Of Construction Cleaning

We are committed to repairing your premises at the end of the construction site; this service requires rigor and thoroughness. Our experts intervene quickly by implementing their know-how and deploying specific and professional equipment.

Cleaning After Water Damage

As a flood causes a lot of damage to furniture and building, it is essential to react quickly to eliminate any risk of spread of lice and contamination, that is why we must clean and dry the premises. Our team has a wide range of specific equipment for this purpose.

Industrial Parking Sweeping And Cleaning

Parking is simply the first point of contact for a potential customer. It reflects in a way the image of your company and must for this purpose be maintained regularly to project a positive image.

Our staff starts with an inventory and carefully studies each parameter of the surface and deploys the necessary means to optimize the results to the maximum.

Domestic / Home Cleaning

We also offer normal cleaning for the home. It doesn’t matter if you are in a house or flat. You need to keep you home cleaning. A dirty home is not a fun place to live in. House cleaning can be quite stressful. It takes up house of your day. So why not leave domestic cleaning to a professional cleaning company who can get the job done right and fast?

Floor Cleaning / Stripping

Our teams work to maintain and protect your floors and coverings. There are several types of soil-level interventions, depending on the need: single brush machine maintenance, pickling, and acrylic waxing to protect your beds, and stripping and polishing with machines ultra performing.

We also provide personalized and tailor-made answers for each mission, whatever the service requested our team will propose you the adequate solution:

Industrial cleaning Store and trade cleaning Warehouse cleaning, the cleaning company before/after moving A dusting of all kinds Window cleaning…
End Of Construction Cleaning

What Is End Of Construction Cleaning?

When construction or renovations are completed, dirt, paint residues and construction dust often become encrusted and must be removed before the site is delivered.

It is therefore essential for you to entrust this cleaning work to competent professionals to carry out the various required tasks and make you impeccable premises.

TEAch Cleaners intervenes for the cleaning of all types of the construction site, whatever the type and the surface of the construction site, we guarantee you a work of very high quality.

We work with professionals and individuals, and we adopt your budget and your constraints to ensure the best services at very competitive rates.

We have the necessary staff to intervene quickly, and our qualified agents ensure a result that meets your expectations.

We also intervene for the storage of construction sites such as rubble, cardboard, packaging…

End-of-construction cleaning often includes:

  • Cleaning and dusting windows
  • Cleaning and washing the floor
  • Dusting and disinfection of sanitary appliances
  • The removal of work residues, wood chips, rubble, cardboard.
  • The dusting of furniture and baseboards

Our team of specialists will make sure you get a clean and healthy site to deliver your location in the best conditions.

We work closely with waste repositories to ensure that construction waste is disposed of properly and recycled. You can read more about the end of construction cleaning process here.

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