What Is End Of Construction Cleaning?

What Is End Of Construction Cleaning?

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When construction or renovations are completed, dirt, paint residues and construction dust often become encrusted and must be removed before the site is delivered.

It is therefore essential for you to entrust this cleaning work to competent professionals to carry out the various required tasks and make you impeccable premises.

TEAch Cleaners intervenes for the cleaning of all types of the construction site, whatever the type and the surface of the construction site, we guarantee you a work of very high quality.

We work with professionals and individuals, and we adopt your budget and your constraints to ensure the best services at very competitive rates.

We have the necessary staff to intervene quickly, and our qualified agents ensure a result that meets your expectations.

We also intervene for the storage of construction sites such as rubble, cardboard, packaging…

End-of-construction cleaning often includes:

  • Cleaning and dusting windows
  • Cleaning and washing the floor
  • Dusting and disinfection of sanitary appliances
  • The removal of work residues, wood chips, rubble, cardboard.
  • The dusting of furniture and baseboards

Our team of specialists will make sure you get a clean and healthy site to deliver your location in the best conditions.

We work closely with waste repositories to ensure that construction waste is disposed of properly and recycled. You can read more about the end of construction cleaning process here.

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